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Equifax Data Breach

As you have heard, there was a major breach in Equifax credit reporting agency which might affect a number of our members. While we use Trans Union for our credit reporting, our members may have been affected by financial accounts they may have with other institutions.

We have in place practices available to our members for both types of cards, credit and debit, that will minimize the possibility of being a victim. We have Security Freeze, which allows you to turn your card off to temporarily suspend it when you are not using it. Then when you need it, you can turn it back on.

Our online banking system and processors have state of the art technology, with firewalls and multiple layers of security. The 24/7 monitoring of our systems protects the credit union and our members and we are constantly upgrading these systems to fight these criminals.

If you would like to see if you were affected by the Equifax breach and what you can do about it, go to

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